Creation Care

FCCSB and the Environment

We take Creation Care seriously!  We live into our Faith Statement: “We honor the sacredness of creation by working to heal the earth and preserve its resources for future generations.” Everyone is invited to share in the planning and participating in “green” activities.

UCC and the Creation Care Challenge

From the UCC website: 

When confronted with environmental responsibility, people of faith now face an additional choice: to live in despair or to live with hope. We in the United Church of Christ are called to live with hope. We are called to go beyond lifestyle adjustment. We are called to spiritual and lifestyle transformation based on justice and reverence for all of God’s creatures and creation. We are called by Jesus to love God and love our neighbor as ourselves. With God’s grace, we invite individuals to transform their lives and their communities to become hopeful, restorative, and just.

How Your Family Can Pursue Eco-Justice (in English)
How Your Family Can Pursue Eco-Justice (en Español)
How Your Church Can Pursue Eco-Justice (in English)
How Your Church Can Pursue Eco-Justice (en Español)

In April 2016, we were the first church to ever have a booth at the Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival; we educated the community about God’s mandate to steward the Earth’s resources, handed out information about how churches and families can go green, and passed out pet worms for starting a compost pile!

Tajiguas Landfill Tour

On Monday, April 25, we took a tour of Tajiguas Landfill, which processes most of the trash for Santa Barbara county. The tour was eye-opening on what happens to our trash once the trucks take it away and informative on how we can reduce, reuse and compost our waste. We’re currently in the process of setting up worm composting bins at the church thanks to this tour.

Tours are free; your community can sign up for one at


In worship on June 22, 2014, the congregation was presented with a large photo plaque from ECOFaith Santa Barbara in recognition of our congregation’s care for creation. The presentation was made by chairman Ivor John, John McReynolds, and Penny Sidoli.

FCC ECOFaith plaque received in service