Sacraments and Special Ceremonies



At FCCSB we believe in both infant and adult baptism. You do not have to be a member of the church to be baptized, but you must meet with the minister before the baptism. We believe that baptism is a sign of God’s unconditional, free grace. As a right of passage into the community of God, all baptisms are done during Sunday morning service. As part of the service, the congregation welcomes the new Christian member into the family of God.


We practice an open table and all people regardless of faith background or age are welcome to participate in communion. Traditionally, we partake of communion through intinction where one dips the bread in the juice. Every first Sunday of the month we have communion along with some special services. Communion can also be requested for shut-ins and those in the hospital.


Congregation of First Congregational Church of Santa Barbara

Special Ceremonies

Re-Naming Ceremony for Transgender Community

In support of our transgender community, our minister offers a re-naming ceremony and dedication. Similar to baptism, this ceremony is a time to mark one’s transition into his or her true self and be welcomed into the community of God by their preferred name and gender. Re-naming ceremonies will occur during normal Sunday morning services as part of the service. The participant is required to meet with the minister a minimum of once before the service.


In conjunction with infant baptism, 8th graders go through a year-long confirmation class to learn about their faith, the history of the church, and the United Church of Christ. This is a time for them to assess what they believe and re-affirm or not re-affirm their baptisms. Confirmation is also available to adults newly entering the church.


Weddings are an opportunity to mark a new chapter and commitment in the lives of loving couples. All weddings at FCCSB are performed by our Lead Minister. Couples must meet with the minister a minimum of three times before the ceremony. Detailed guidelines for marriage ceremonies at the church can be picked up at the church office during normal office hours. From time to time the minister is willing to perform services offsite upon request. As an Open and Affirming Congregation we support same-sex marriages.

Funerals and Memorial Services

It is our honor to mark this season of life and work closely with family and friends to craft a meaningful service to honor your loved one. Our sanctuary is available for members and nonmembers who desire a space for funerals and memorial services. All services are led by our Lead Minister. Private or graveside services can be arranged with our Lead Minister as well. More detailed information is available in the office during our normal hours.


We are happy to create a special blessing service for moments of transition such as the adoption of a child, divorce, beginning of the school year, graduation, and more.